Hulu rolls out SharePlay support to iPad, iPhone and Apple TV

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SharePlay video sharing on FaceTime arrived on Hulu via an update released Monday morning.

The streaming platform’s iOS and iPadOS app update on April 4, 2022 allows iPhone and iPad users to enjoy a viewing experience in sync with everyone in a FaceTime call.

“In this release, we’re helping spread the Hulu love by introducing SharePlay,” reads the patch notes on the App Store. “With SharePlay, you can watch content from the Hulu streaming library in sync with friends and family via FaceTime.”

To use Hulu’s SharePlay features, all attendees will need an active Hulu subscription. Pricing starts at $6.99 per month for the ad-supported tier, while the ad-free tier costs $12.99.

Introduced in iOS 15.1, SharePlay allows anyone on a FaceTime call to share content with all participants. Everyone will have their own feed, with the episode or title and accurate playback synchronized and controllable by all so everyone can be on the same page.

Anyone can rewind, fast forward, rewind, and this will apply to all streams. SharePlay also automatically lowers the volume when it detects speech so friends and family can be heard while content is playing.

This feature only works with apps that have been updated to support it. In November 2021, the Twitch streaming platform supported SharePlay. Disney+ followed it in December 2021.


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