How to watch the best Emmy nominated limited series of 2021

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The limited series has become one of the most dynamic formats on television, a way for creators to deliver expansive yet stand-alone stories in a variety of genres. Here is how to watch The 2021 Emmy nominees for Outstanding Limited or Anthology series.

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I can destroy you

Star and creator Michaela Coel drew on her own experience of sexual assault for this powerful series about a writer dealing with the aftermath of rape. Coel also wrote and co-directed all 12 episodes, retracing the journey of the main character Arabella as she deals with her trauma, contemplates revenge, and tries to move on with her life. Meanwhile, her friends and romantic partners do their best to support her while being engaged in their own personal drama.

I can destroy you is streaming on HBO Max ($ 9.99 + per month).

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Easttown mare

This hugely popular mystery series starring Kate Winslet might turn out not to be limited, as Winslet and creator Brad Ingelsby have suggested. For now, however, he’s focused on just one case, as Winslet’s main character investigates the murder of a teenage girl in his small town in Pennsylvania. Mare apparently has a connection to everyone in town, and they all, in turn, have connections to the murdered girl, creating a complex web of suspicion and protection.

Easttown mare is streaming on HBO Max ($ 9.99 + per month).

The Queen’s Gambit

Writer-director Scott Frank spent nearly 30 years working on the adaptation of Walter Tevis’ 1982 novel about a struggling chess prodigy, which ultimately paid off with this popular and acclaimed seven-part series. Anya Taylor-Joy stars as the brilliant Beth Harmon, who rose to the top of the competitive chess world in the 1960s but struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. The series combines the art of chess with carefully crafted period details and a character study of a damaged yet compelling protagonist.

The Queen’s Gambit is streaming on Netflix ($ 8.99 + per month).

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The Underground Railroad

Filmmaker Barry Jenkins (Moonlight, If Beale Street could speak) created and directed every episode of this adaptation of Colson Whitehead’s fantasy historical novel. Here, the underground network of abolitionists and shelters that helped runaway slaves in the 1800s is a real railroad, offering potential freedom to slaves who can escape captivity. It’s a lyrical depiction of a terrible time in American history, combining a bit of magic with the grim reality of the time.

The Underground Railroad is streaming on Amazon Prime ($ 119 per year).

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The first official Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series brings Avengers members Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) on their superhero adventures in a world created from classic sitcom pastiches. WandaVision mixes MCU action and comic book storytelling with meticulous recreations of decades of television history. It embraces the medium and makes it an integral part of the mystery of what’s going on in the bizarre town of Westview.

WandaVision is streaming on Disney + ($ 7.99 per month).

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