How to View Your Saved Credit Card Numbers in Safari for Mac

If you forgot a credit card number while using Safari on your Mac, it’s easy to view the credit card information saved by Safari’s AutoFill feature. You can also add, edit or delete stored maps. Here’s how.

First, open Safari. In the menu bar, click on “Safari” and select “Preferences”. Or you can press Command +, (comma) on your keyboard.

Click on "Preferences" in the Safari menu on Mac.

In Safari’s preferences, select the “Autofill” tab, then click the “Edit” button next to “Credit Cards.”

In Safari preferences, click "Automatic filling," then click "Edit" beside "Credit card."

You will see a “Credit cards are locked” window. Enter your account password, then click “Unlock”.

Enter your Mac account password to unlock saved credit cards in Safari.

After unlocking, you will see a small window with a list of credit cards Safari has saved (if any). Using this window, you can add, delete or modify credit card information.

A list of credit cards stored in Safari AutoFill.

To edit card information, select the card from the list and click on the property you want to edit (such as card number, cardholder name, expiration date). It will become an editable text field and you can enter the revised information. When you’re done, press Return on your keyboard.

Click a credit card input field to edit it.

To add a new credit card, click the “Add” button at the bottom of the window, then enter the card information. To delete a card, select a card from the list and click “Delete”. The map will disappear.

Select a card from the list and click "Remove."

When you’re done editing, click “Done,” then close Safari Preferences.

By the way, if you use Safari on iPhone or iPad, you can also view saved credit cards on these platforms. Good navigation !

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