How to use it requires two’s Friend’s Pass

The critically acclaimed co-op adventure game It takes two is now on Xbox Game Pass. With the title coming to Microsoft’s subscription service on console, cloud, and PC, many new eyes will be on the game. That means more potential players and renewed interest. Fortunately, interested players who don’t have the game or Game Pass don’t need to buy either to play with a friend thanks to Friend’s Pass.

Friend’s Pass is a service exclusive to It takes two which allows you to play co-op for free between an owner of the game and another who does not have it. The service is available for: It takes two it is available on any platform and can even be used across generations for applicable platforms. Here’s how to use it to play with any friend you want.

Set up friend pass

The requirements to download Friend’s Pass are simple, the only difference being your platform’s marketplace of choice. This can be done via Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via the Steam or Origin Store. Remember that there is no cross-platform game, but multi-generational play is implemented.

After a player completes the game of . has downloaded It takes two, the player who does not own it or has Game Pass must search for It Takes Two” on their favorite marketplace (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam or Origin). They will find Friend’s Pass in that quest. Players don’t have to download it on the same platform as their friend; the game has full cross-play support. Once they download it, the full game player just needs to invite their friend from the main menu. Now both players can play the entire game together, even if only one player owns the game. It’s that simple.

Friend’s Pass works with the Xbox Game Pass version of the game. If you are a subscriber, have your friend download the pass and you can invite them through the steps mentioned above.

This process can also work for both players and allow them to play a demo of the game if neither of them owns the full title. The same setup applies, but this time both players must download Friend’s Pass. Because of this, you can only play the game until the end of the first level. To proceed, at least one player must purchase the full game or subscribe to Xbox Game Pass while it is still a featured title.

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