How to Unblock Someone on Gmail

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If you’ve changed your mind and want to start receiving emails from a blocked user, it’s easy to unblock someone on Gmail. We’ll show you how to do this on your desktop and mobile phone.

To note: On the desktop version of Gmail, you have the option to unblock individual people. However, in the Gmail app for iPhone and Android, your only option is to unblock all of your blocked users at once. Keep this in mind when choosing a method to unblock people in your Gmail account.

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Unblock an email address in the desktop version of Gmail

To remove people from your block list on your desktop, first launch a web browser on your computer and open Gmail. Then log in to your account.

In the top right corner of Gmail, click “Settings” (a gear icon).

To select "Settings" in the upper right corner.

In the expanded menu, click “See all settings”.

Choose "View all settings."

On the “Settings” page, in the list of tabs at the top, choose “Filters and blocked addresses”.

Access "Filters and blocked addresses" tongue.

Scroll down the page. There you will see a list of all your blocked email addresses. To unblock someone from this list, next to that person’s email address, click “Unblock”.

To select "Unlock" next to an email address.

Select “Unblock” in the prompt.

Click on "Unlock" in the prompt.

And the email address you chose is now unblocked in your Gmail account. You’ll see their future emails come straight to your inbox.

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Unblock all email addresses in Gmail on mobile

To unblock all your blocked users on your iPhone or Android phone, first launch the Gmail app on your phone.

In the top right corner of Gmail, tap your profile icon and choose “Manage your Google Account”.

Faucet "Manage your Google account."

Scroll down the screen that opens, then tap “Protect your account”.

To select "Protect your account."

Scroll down the “Security Control” page, then tap “Gmail Settings”.

To access "Gmail settings."

In the expanded “Gmail Settings” menu, under the “Blocked Email Addresses” heading, you’ll find all of your blocked users.

To unblock all these people, tap on the “Unblock All” option.

Choose "Unlock everything."

Gmail will immediately remove all blocked users from your list, and you’re good to go.

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