How to take “otherworldly” night mode photos on iPhone

Apple has shared a new video featuring ideas on how to get “otherworldly” images using the iPhone’s camera night mode setting.

Night mode launched with iPhone 11 in 2019 to help you get better photos in low light conditions. Many Android phones offered similar functionality for several years now.

Apple’s video focuses on Maria lax, a London-based Finnish photographer whose wonderfully mystical images have helped her build a loyal following on Instagram.

Speaking about her work, Lax tells Apple’s Landon Smith that she enjoys “reimagining real places to make them look unreal”, with nighttime shots providing the best opportunity for this type of approach.

In footage showing her wandering the streets of the UK capital looking for a snapshot, Lax says she enjoys spending time looking for a striking source of light, often finding herself drawn to different colored windows and the little details behind them. .

Lax also emphasizes the value of experimentation when it comes to using Night Mode. For another type of image, she sometimes places a piece of colored plastic in front of the lens, and can also trigger the flash or apply petroleum jelly to the plastic (not the lens!) For an even more unusual effect. “Certainly alien abductions are taking place in this shot,” she said of one of her strangest endeavors.

The Finnish photographer also offers words of encouragement, saying that you shouldn’t expect to go out and take great photos “one after the other”, but that in time you will “get to the right things. “.

Smith, more of a newbie to night shots, also appears in the video as he explores New York City while heeding some of Lax’s advice.

Back home, Lax tells us about some of the editing techniques she uses to take her nighttime photos to the next level, with all the changes made to the Photos app on the iPhone.

For those unfamiliar with Night Mode, iPhone automatically selects it if the camera judges the lighting conditions to be too low for the normal setup. When you press the shutter button in Night mode, the camera operates for several seconds to create the best possible image. There are also options to manually adjust the exposure, but most people start by using the automatic feature and checking the result.

For more inspiration on how to take great photos, check out these top tips an iPhone Photography Awards winner.

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