How to succeed in the next wave of AI

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AI and the future of business

AI and the future of business

Machine learning, task automation, and robotics are already widely used in businesses. These and other AI technologies are about to multiply, and we’re looking at how organizations can get the most out of them.

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For about 18 months now we’ve all been trying to stay afloat on our surfboards in the rough waters of these uncertain times. Especially when it comes to AI innovation, there were many sets of big waves to ride this year, such as advancements in computer vision, advanced AI, and computer-driven software coding. ‘IA.

These waves will continue to rock the boards of those trying to adopt AI, and it will be some time before they are developed enough for us to appear on our boards and navigate calmer waters.

2022 will bring other big waves in AI:

  • Built-in AI: Start Paddling Now: One in five organizations will double the use of “Inside AI”. During the pandemic, digital natives effectively used “AI on the inside” – AI embedded at the heart of everything from architecture to operations – to bridge the gap between businesses and customers in areas such as as grocery delivery and restaurant supply chain optimization. In 2022, we expect traditional businesses to embrace this AI-driven approach to platform and digital transformation. The more “AI inside”, the more companies can reduce the latency between information, decisions and results.

  • Responsible AI: Don’t ignore the small waves: the market for responsible AI solutions will double. Some regulated industries have started adopting responsible AI solutions that help companies turn AI principles such as fairness and transparency into consistent practices. In 2022, we predict that the demand for these solutions will expand beyond these industries to other verticals using AI for critical business operations. With this increase in adoption, existing machine learning vendors will acquire specialized and responsible AI vendors for bias detection, interpretability, and model lineage capabilities.

  • Creative AI: Don’t be afraid to test new waters – Creative AI systems will earn dozens of patents. Creativity is seen as an intrinsic human trait, but this year South Africa granted a first patent to a creative AI system. While the United States and the EU have rejected the same patent application on the grounds that only humans can be granted patents, this decisive step towards legal recognition and protection of products created by AI will encourage further innovations in creative AI.

The tide is rising and it’s time to prepare to catch the waves of on-board AI, responsible AI, and creative AI. You don’t want to miss your chance to break into the future of AI. Hang ten, shred a few waves.

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This post was written by Vice President, Senior Research Director Srividya Sridharan and it originally appeared here.

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