How to Subscribe to a Twitch Streamer Using Amazon Prime

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An Amazon Prime membership offers several benefits, including a free Twitch Prime membership. Here’s how to link your accounts and enjoy all the benefits of Twitch Prime for free.

What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime is a premium experience on the video game streaming service included with an Amazon Prime membership. Twitch Prime includes bonus games, exclusive in-game content, and more.

For many people, the most valuable benefit of a Prime membership is the free Twitch channel membership that comes with it. This perk directly supports your favorite streamer. Additionally, you can re-subscribe (for free) every month, as long as you have an active Amazon Prime subscription linked to your Twitch account.

Visit the Twitch Prime Guide FAQ page for the full list of benefits.

Link your Twitch and Amazon Prime accounts

To access a free Twitch Prime membership, you need to link your Amazon Prime account and your accounts. To do this, go to Amazon Twitch Prime.

Click “Sign In” in the upper right corner, then enter your Amazon Prime account sign-in information.

Click on "Identify yourself."

After logging into your Amazon account, click on “Link Twitch Account”. You will then be prompted to sign in to your Twitch account. Confirm the accounts are linked, then go to Twitch to get started with your Prime membership.

Click on "Link your Twitch account."

How to subscribe to a Twitch streamer

When you choose to subscribe to a Twitch streamer through your Prime membership, you give that person $ 4.99.

To subscribe to a streamer, go to their profile, then click “Subscribe” at the top of the page.

Click on "Subscribe."

If this is your first time subscribing to a streamer from your Twitch Prime account, you will be asked if you want to use your free monthly subscription for that streamer. Click “Yes” to subscribe to this streamer for one month at no additional cost.

Check the "Using Prime Sub" box, then click "Subscribe with Prime"

However, after subscribing to a streamer through your Prime membership, you must wait a month before you can use your free membership again. If you want to set up a recurring subscription, click on “Subscribe” again, then select the “Continue subscription” option.

If you choose to convert your Prime membership to a recurring membership, you will be charged a monthly fee of $ 4.99. You must manually subscribe to a streamer every 30 days to use your Twitch Prime subscription again.

How to view your current subscriptions

You can view your subscriptions anytime on Twitch. To do this, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner, then click on “Subscriptions”.

Click on "Subscriptions."

The “Subscriptions” page displays all of your current (and expired) subscriptions, along with subscription benefits, expiration dates, and whether each is Paid or Premium.

How to resubscribe to a streamer through Twitch Prime

After subscribing to a streamer through your linked Prime account, you must wait a month before you can re-subscribe.

To check your subscriptions, click your avatar in the upper right corner of Twitch, then click “Subscriptions”. A list of your current, offered, and expired subscriptions appears.

All of your current subscriptions will be under the “Your Subscriptions” tab. In the image below, you see that a Prime subscription was used to subscribe to a streamer.

An expiration date of the subscription on the "Subscriptions" Twitch Prime account page.

You can either pay to resubscribe now or use your Twitch Prime subscription to pay for another streamer subscription after it expires.

Membership is a great way to financially support your favorite Twitch streamers. And, if you subscribe through your Twitch Prime membership, you can do so without spending a dime!

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