How to message someone on YouTube

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Ever wanted to send a personal message to a YouTube user? Unfortunately, YouTube no longer has a built-in messaging tool. So how can you contact your favorite YouTuber? You have a few methods at your disposal, as we will explain below.

On YouTube, a user can display an email address publicly in their profile. If the user you want to contact has that email address listed, you just need to reveal it and you can get in touch with them.

If you don’t prefer emails or the user hasn’t added their email to their YouTube profile, you can check if the user has listed their social media profiles in their YouTube account. You can then visit their profiles and message the user from there.

We’ll show you how to use these two methods to contact a user on YouTube.

How to find a YouTube user’s email address

To find a YouTube user’s email address, you’ll need to use the official YouTube site in a web browser on your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer. The YouTube mobile app does not display this email address.

To get started, open the Youtube site in a web browser on your computer. At the top, click on the search box and enter the name of the user or channel you want to contact. Then hit enter.

Click on the search box on YouTube.

Select the user to contact from the search results.

Select a YouTube search result.

On the channel page that opens, from the tab bar below the banner image (the large image at the top of the page), select the “About” tab.

Click on "About" on a channel page on YouTube.

In the “About” tab of the “Details” section, click “Show email address”.

To note: If you don’t see the “Show email address” option, the channel hasn’t added an email address to their profile. In this case, follow the other contact methods described below.

To select "Show email address" on a YouTube channel page.

After clicking on “Show Email Address”, you will see the reCaptcha prompt from Google. Select “I am not a robot” in this prompt, then click “Submit”.

Confirm reCaptcha on YouTube.

In the “For Business Inquiries” field, you will now see the channel’s email address.

The email address for a business inquiry from a YouTube channel.

You can now send an email to this email address from any of your email service providers (like Gmail or Outlook, for example).

Other ways to message a YouTube user

If a YouTube user hasn’t provided their email address in their profile, look in their video descriptions and see if you can find an email instead.

To do this, open a video of that user. Below the video title, you will see the description of the video. Go through this description and see if you can find an email listed here.

An email address listed in the description of a YouTube video.

If the video description does not have the email address, the user may not want to be contacted by email. In this case, check if the user has listed their social media profiles in their YouTube account.

On the same “About” page on YouTube, scroll down to the “Links” section. Here you will find the user’s profile links on social media. Click any link to be redirected to this social site.

Social media links for a YouTube profile.

For example, if you click on an Instagram link, you will be taken to the user’s profile on the Instagram site. Write down the user’s username and find and open the profile in the Instagram app on your phone. You should use this method because the web version of Instagram does not allow you to send messages.

In the Instagram app on your phone, on the user’s profile page, tap “Message” to send a message to the user.

Faucet "A message" on a user's profile in the Instagram app.

And that’s how you get in touch with your favorite YouTubers!

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