How to make Alexa your preferred hands-free voice assistant on your Android phone

As an Android phone user, it’s almost second nature to go right to using Google Assistant. That’s because Google has gone to great lengths to make its digital assistant so helpful that we love using it. But what if you use Alexa on all your smart speakers and would like to use it on your phone too? You’re in luck. We can help you talk to Alexa hands-free on your phone.

How to use Alexa, hands-free, on your Android phone

While Google Assistant is generally the default option on all of the best Android smartphones, it isn’t the only voice assistant on the market. Many of the top smart speakers use Amazon’s Alexa to help you out. But before we do that, ensure you have downloaded and set up the Alexa app on your phone if you haven’t already. Here’s how you can use that familiar helper on your phone too.


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