How to Group Images in Google Docs

Grouped images in Google Docs

When you use images in your document, you may want to keep them together. This allows you to move them as a group and resize that group to better fit your document. Here’s how to group images in Google Docs.

As of this writing, Google Docs doesn’t offer an official way to group images the same way Microsoft Word lets you group shapes. But with a little drawing tool magic, you can create your group and use it in your document like any other image.

Group images with the drawing tool

With the drawing tool, you insert your images there, rather than directly into Google Docs. Open your document, place your cursor where you want the group of images and select Insert > Drawing > New from the menu.

Select Insert, Draw, New from the menu

This opens a popup window for the canvas. In the toolbar at the top, click the Image button.

Image button in drawing toolbar

In the next window that appears, locate your first image. You can download it from your computer, with a URL, from Google Photos or Google Drive, or search the web.

Upload an image

When the image appears on the canvas, you can edit it before adding the second image if you wish. Drag a corner or edge to resize, crop, or add a border.

Edit the image in the drawing tool

Then add and edit the following image(s) following the same process. You can drag images to move them exactly where you want them in the group.

When you’re ready to group them, select the first image, hold down the Shift key, and select the remaining images. You will see them placed inside a single shape. Right-click on one of the images and choose “Group” from the menu.

Group images in drawing tool

At the top right, click “Save and Close” to place the group of images into your document.

You will see the images as a single group which you can then edit like any other image in your document. Use the floating toolbar below the group or click “Image Options” on the top toolbar to open the Image Options sidebar.

Image group inserted in Google Docs

Change image group

If, after placing the group of images in your document, you want to make changes to the individual images within it, you can do so with the drawing tool.

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Select the group in Google Docs and click “Edit” in the floating toolbar below.

Edit in Google Docs Toolbar

This opens the group in the same drawing window as when you originally created it. Right-click on an image in the group and select “Ungroup”.

Ungroup images in drawing tool

You can then make changes to individual images, add another image, or rearrange them. When you’re done, group them together and click “Save and Close”.

Edit group in drawing tool

The updated group replaces the original in Google Docs. You can then move it to another location, lock the group in place, or wrap the text around it.

Updated image group in Google Docs

If you want to group a few images together in Google Docs, you can group them together to treat them as one image.

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