How to format phone numbers in Microsoft Excel

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Want to turn the numbers on your spreadsheets into the proper US phone numbers, with area codes? Instead of manually inserting dashes and parentheses, use Microsoft Excel’s phone number formatting option.

In Excel, there are several ways you can format your data. One of these formats is for US phone numbers, turning your numbers such as “5555551234” into a readable “(555) 555-1234”. You can apply this formatting to multiple phone numbers at once if you want.

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How to apply phone number formatting in Microsoft Excel

To get started, open your spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel.

In your worksheet, select the cell (s) in which you have your phone numbers.

Select cells containing phone number in Excel.

While your phone numbers are highlighted, in the Excel ribbon at the top, click on the “Home” tab.

Click it "Homepage" tab in Excel.

On the “Home” tab, in the “Number” section, click “Number Format” (an arrow icon) in the lower right corner.

Click on "Number Format" in the "Homepage" tongue.

You will see a “Format Cells” window. Here, in the “Category” list on the left, select “Special”.

To select "Special" on the "Format cells" the window.

In the “Type” section on the right, click “Phone Number”. Then click on “OK” at the bottom.

To note: If you don’t see “Phone Number” in the “Type” section, click the “Local” drop-down menu and choose “English (United States)” or another supported country.

Click on "Phone number" in the "Type" heading and click "OKAY."

Back on your spreadsheet, all of your phone numbers are now formatted in the correct phone number style.

Selected cells formatted as phone number format in Excel.

If you want a different format for these numbers, in the “Format Cells” window, select “Custom” and then specify your custom format.

And this is how you turn ordinary digits into phone numbers in Microsoft Excel. Very useful!

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