How to disable internet only from WhatsApp

How to disable internet only from WhatsApp

Smartphone users who rely on mobile internet packages consume data even when they’re not actively using a phone. Due to this common issue, users often tend to see notifications from the carrier reminding them of the remaining data package. According to a report by Mediarun Search UK, this happens due to real-time message and information updates and apps running in the background.

The report also mentions that users can set an alert to check on specific activities that can drain the data package. These include — restricting browser searches, broadcasts and media updates.

However, some of this unnecessary data usage can be stopped by blocking WhatsApp from draining the data while running silently in the background. Users can apply some solutions to reduce WhatsApp data usage in their daily lives by — not using only WhatsApp calls and by focusing on conversations in the app to avoid opening it several times to read the same conversation.

Apart from that, users can also disable the internet connectivity only from the Meta-owned direct messaging app by following the step-by-step guide mentioned here. Both Android and iPhone users can disable this feature to save background data wastage.


Click on Connection/ Connection & Sharing (for Xiaomi)/ Mobile Network (for OnePlus)


Select the option that says “Data Usage” to open the list of apps that are using data in the background


Click the option that says “WhatsApp” from this list


Toggle off the “Allow background data usage” to disable the feature


Drag the slider and choose the option named “Cellular Data”


Disable the option that is named WhatsApp

Users can also restrict other apps from draining data in the background by using the same steps. This should be done to apps that usually send a lot of notifications and exaggeratedly spends data. Moreover, the report suggests that disabling this feature will also save on battery consumption


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