How to Clear Facebook App Cache on iPhone

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The Facebook iPhone app allows you to clear your browser cache to free up space and make the app lighter. This does not affect or remove your posts, images, or friends. Here’s how to do it.

How to Clear Facebook App Cache on iPhone

Your Facebook cache includes data collected from the news sites you access, the display of product pages and ads from links on Facebook. Although the iOS app offers a cache purge, it is limited only to website data collected by the app.

Start by launching the Facebook app on your iPhone.

In the Facebook app, tap the “Menu” icon (three horizontal lines) in the lower right corner.

In the menu, scroll down and select “Settings and privacy”.

To select "Settings and privacy."

Then tap on “Settings.”

To select "Settings."

In Settings, scroll to the “Permissions” selection and press “Browser.”

Below "Authorizations" heading, select "Navigator."

In the “Browsing Data” section, press the “Clear” button to delete all website data collected using the Facebook mobile browser.

Under the "Navigation data" heading, select the "Clear" button.

Keep in mind that this does not delete the data from the pictures and videos that you have viewed using the Facebook app on iPhone. To completely clear all cache, you can try deleting or unloading the Facebook app from your iPhone. Good luck!

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