How to CC or BCC in Gmail

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Like all other email providers, Gmail supports CC and BCC fields so you can send extra copies of your emails. We’ll explain what these terms mean, how they’re used, and how to use them in Gmail on desktop and mobile.

What are CC and BCC in Gmail?

CC and BCC help you send an extra copy of your email to the recipients you choose.

CC stands for “carbon copy” and is generally used to notify a third party of an email you send to the primary recipient. For example, you can CC your colleague in an email you send to your boss. The email is primarily for your boss, but you want to keep your colleague up to date.

Your boss can see the recipients in the CC field. When they choose to reply to all recipients of your email, your CC’d person will also receive that reply.

BCC, on the other hand, stands for “blind carbon copy”. This is used when you want to send a copy of an email to someone, but don’t want the primary recipient to know you are doing it. For example, you can Bcc your boss in an email primarily to an intern you’re training. This way your boss knows about your conversation with the intern but your intern has no idea that your boss also sees the communication.

When your intern replies to your email, your boss doesn’t get a response because the intern’s email program can’t see people in the Bcc field.

How to CC or Blind CC in Gmail on Desktop

To use CC and BCC in the desktop version of Gmail, first open your favorite web browser and launch the Gmail site. Log in to your account if necessary.

On Gmail, open your existing draft email if you have one, or compose a new email by choosing “Compose” in the top left corner. We will select the latter.

To select "Compose" in the upper left corner.

In the “New Message” window, next to the “To” field, click “CC” or “Bcc” to add the fields to your email. Feel free to click on both if you want to use both fields.

Click on "CC" and "Bcc."

In the “To” field, enter the primary recipient’s email address. In the “CC” field, enter the secondary recipient. Remember that your primary recipient will be able to see the people in the “CC” field.

Fill in the “BCC” field with the email address of the people you want to hide from the primary recipient. Next, write the subject and body of your email, then click “Send” to send your email.

Write and send an email in Gmail on desktop.

Gmail will send your message based on the recipients specified in the “To”, “CC”, and “Bcc” fields. You are ready.

How to CC or BCC in Gmail on Mobile

To CC or BCC someone from your phone, first launch the Gmail app on your phone.

In the bottom right corner of Gmail, tap “Compose” to create a new email.

To select "Compose" in the lower right corner.

On the “Compose” screen, next to the “To” field, tap the down arrow icon.

Gmail will show the “CC” and “BCC” fields. As explained above, use the appropriate recipients in the “To”, “CC” and “BCC” fields. Then fill in the subject and the body of your email.

Finally, when you’re ready to send your email, tap the paper airplane icon in the top right corner.

Compose and send an email in Gmail on mobile.

Your email will be sent to the specified people. You have finished.

If you’re new to Gmail and want to learn more, we’ve got a Gmail tips guide to help you do just that.

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