How to buy an Xbox Series X or Series S this holiday season

This holiday season, there’s a chance that you or someone you know might want to know how to buy an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. Unfortunately, these game consoles are hard to find, and even Microsoft expects them to. what next-gen consoles remain limited until next year. That doesn’t mean you can’t find one for yourself, though. With a little patience, you can eventually come home with a new Xbox.

(We hope our guide helps you, but OnMSFT cannot 100% guarantee that you will end up with a new console and we cannot be held responsible for your frustrations.)

How to buy xbox

Most people could bookmark retail listings for the Xbox Series X and S Series and hope to catch a replenishment at the right time. It’s not always guaranteed to work, however. That is why we suggest that you use a website like Stock Informer to help you. Stock Informer continuously checks the stock of consoles at major retailers and notifies you when available. You can also enter your email to receive email alerts when console online stock is found.

If Stock Informer doesn’t work for you, there is also an alternative. You can also use Just click on the logos for the Microsoft Xbox Series X and Microsoft Xbox Series S consoles and view inventory history. You can see when and what time the retailer restocked, so you’ll know when to visit that website, log in and pay.

Other places worth checking out for Xbox inventory updates include PopFindr, which checks physical retail stores like Walmart for inventory in person. There is also CheapAssGamer and Reddit which are forums where people talk about console availability.

From what we’re seeing, it looks like retailers are releasing stock of consoles at midnight ET on some days. Sometimes it’s also 7:00 am ET or 12:00 noon around lunchtime. Deadlines vary by retailer, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless.

Option 2: Use social media

How to buy an x-series or s-series xbox this holiday season - onmsft.  Com - November 17, 2021

Twitter is a pretty powerful platform if you’re looking to buy an Xbox Series X or Series S. There are dedicated accounts for console availability. These accounts work just like Stock Informer and and the people behind the accounts have sources who know when there is stock available or if there is a deal. You can enable tweet notifications for these accounts by first following the account and then clicking the bell icon next to the next button. This ensures that you don’t miss an uptime tweet!

We have a warning though. DO NOT reply to ANYBODY on Twitter who offers you an Xbox Series X or Series S. They are more than likely scammers, who will never send you a console and leave you with nothing in your hands after sending them money. Stick to the accounts we mention below.

We suggest to follow Wario64. The account has over a million subscribers and is known to tweet the availability of the console. Another good account to follow is GYXoffers. This account is similar to Wario64 and constantly tweets stock updates on consoles. Finally, we propose to follow Matt Swider on Twitter. He’s the founder and editor-in-chief of, and typically sends uptime tweets on consoles and other hard-to-find tech items. There have been many success stories on Matt’s Twitter, so be sure to check them out!

Option 3: Consider purchasing console packs or using Xbox All Access

Xbox all access

Standalone versions of the Xbox Series X and S consoles can be hard to find, but it’s also worth checking out retailers who might have bundles with games and controllers included. One of them is the Halo Infinite bundle.

In addition to the bundles, you may want to consider purchasing an Xbox Series X or S through Microsoft’s Xbox All Access program. This allows you to pay for an Xbox from Microsoft or select retailers starting at $ 24.99 / month. for 24 months. It even includes 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The Xbox Series S version is $ 25 per month for 24 months and the Xbox Series X version is $ 35 per month for 24 months.

Option 4: Check wholesale retailers

How to buy an x-series or s-series xbox this holiday season - onmsft.  Com - November 17, 2021

Finally, we’ll mention that you could probably have a good chance of buying an Xbox Series X or S from wholesale retailers like Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s. We say this because these retailers require you to pay a subscription to enter stores or shop online. This can increase the chances of finding a console because not everyone is a member. Of course, be sure to follow social distancing guidelines in physical stores and wear a mask at all times to protect yourself and others.

Other tips

The Xbox Series S and Series X are the latest consoles from Microsoft, but if you’re having trouble finding these systems, don’t worry. The last generation Xbox, Xbox One X, or Xbox One S are still powerful consoles. You might not get the best and latest features you can get, but it’s still a great system.

Not to forget, Microsoft is testing native xCloud game streaming on Xbox One. You can currently stream next-gen games to the internet through the Edge web browser with Game Pass Ultimate. And, native integration is on the way soon, with no need for Edge.

We also want to mention that you should NEVER pay scalpers for a console. These are the reasons why the systems are hard to find. Scalpers buy the Xbox Series X and Series S wholesale and try to make a profit by selling them for up to $ 200 to $ 300 more than retail. You will find them everywhere on eBay, so be careful when you buy!

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