Homes in Magnolia area going on 48 hours without internet after cables cut, stolen by vandals

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Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. (MO Stevens, Wikimedia Commons)

(MO Stevens, Wikimedia Commons)

It has now been more than 48 hours since Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood has had phone and internet service.

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The outage is being blamed on a pair of vandalism-related incidents from late last week. CenturyLink crews say that it appears as though someone cut through a wooden box running under the Magnolia Bridge that holds fiber-optic cables. Cables and copper wiring were then stolen.

Between the stolen parts and the damage done to the copper wiring, repairs have taken longer than expected. And while some homes in the area had their service restored Saturday, much of the neighborhood still doesn’t have an internet connection as of early Monday morning.

In the meantime, CenturyLink says it is “working as quickly as possible” to restore service to the remaining Magnolia customers still experiencing outages.


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