Hilaria Baldwin is enemy number 1 in this Reddit group

There has also been quite a bit of news about the Baldwin household to occupy and horrify the masses. for the Rust During the shooting, the couple announced in March 2021 that they had welcomed a daughter, Lucia, via surrogate mother, just months after their fifth child, Eduardo, was born in September 2020. Although Hilaria shares a lot about her children online, the Baldwins have never discussed why they hired a surrogate or commented on the fact that they had two babies less than nine months apart.

Some commentators have theorized that after the birth of her first child, Hilaria chose not to carry another baby herself, and that because her brand relied heavily on a “hot mom coming back from pregnancy,” she actively decided to do so. as if four more times pregnant.

It is not a huge intellectual leap for these people to believe that Hilaria has faked her parentage for over ten years, into believing that she also faked her pregnancy.

“I believe she only gave birth to the first one, she hated it, or Alec hated having his baby doll sex toy being retired so they came out with this giant family/super mamí/snapback bullshit,” one person wrote.

This theory intensifies the hatred of Hilaria, and the misdeeds in turn fuel a kind of mass disgust that is common in these types of groups, leading their members to feel that they need to spend time “proving” the charges in order to someone down.

Mohini Tellakat, a researcher who studied online communities for her PhD in behavioral analysis and social psychology, told me that people usually get sucked into these kinds of conspiracies because they’re interested in a topic, like celebrity gossip, and a sense of belonging. and aim by talking about it with others.

“There is a feeling of, OK, I’ve found my people, we’re here together, and the snowballing,” she said.

When the hive of conspiracy theories comes out, Tellakat said, the desire to stay in the group and continue to receive positive reinforcement clears up any doubt they might feel privately.

“It’s not groupthink per se, but group spirit,” she said, “Okay, now I’m in. Okay, we all say these things, and I love having this community, I love this attention, so we’re going to keep going. † It kind of threatens a sense of self if they would be like, Wait a minute, isn’t this crazy?

After exchanging a few DMs with McNasty420, they told me they wanted to clarify the nature of their interest. They are not “fascinated” by Hilaria or the Baldwins, they said, and they are certainly not a “fangirl loser whose whole life revolves around this thirsty Z-lister.” The subreddit is mostly for fun, they said.

“I just enjoy a good train wreck and this family keeps doubling it every time,” they wrote. “I never expected the subreddit to get this big. … I was just trying to expose the grievances because the media didn’t pick up on it and I knew it could be a huge story.”

But what does the rest of the community want? In a recent thread, commentators discussed how, by dissecting Hilaria’s social media presence, they’d been able to work through some toxic relationships and experiences with people they said had personality disorders. Others said criticizing public figures they consider toxic helps them feel better about themselves.

“I look forward to a world where the majority of decent people understand exactly how to identify these dangerous people… and support each other in our daily lives,” wrote one person. “A lot of that will end the horrible ‘influencer’ industry.”

Hilaria has never addressed the theories directly, but often disapproves of “online bullies” who attack her.

“Why do I talk so much about bullying?” she wrote in a recent post. “Because I want to make a change, kindness shine on emotional violence. I can’t change the bullies, but I can encourage them to change the way we interact with them. Learn their tactics and see through them. Losing our fear and feelings of being intimidated. I’m speaking out because I’m a mother and I don’t want my babies to feel the sadness and darkness I’ve been feeling.”

While theorizing about Hilaria may, on the face of it, be a more focused extension of mainstream gossip, Tellakat warned people in these types of groups to check if they’re digging too deep.

“It could harm the person internally,” she said. She suggested that if anyone gets very involved in this kind of speculation, they should check in with themselves.

“If none of your old friends hang out with you anymore or if everyone keeps checking on you and you just throw them out, you’ve got a problem. But you also have to have the self-awareness to know that that’s happening. And that’s not always easy,” she says.

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