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The HBO Max and Discovery + logos.
WarnerMedia, Discovery Inc

Over the next few months, WarnerMedia and Discovery will merge into a single company, combining many of their assets, properties and divisions. And if recent comments from company executives are any indication, HBO Max and Discovery + could merge to form a giant streaming service with a brand new name.

During a conference call on November 3, Discovery Streaming and international CEO JB Perrette discussed the benefits of merging HBO Max and Discovery +. Not only would a combined streaming service produce “significant cost savings”, it would create “significant consumer benefits” by providing an incredibly large streaming library at a reasonable price.

Discovery CEO David Zaslav also revealed that less than half of Discovery + users have an HBO Max subscription. It is clear that the combination of services would broaden their appeal and (likely) increase their collective market share.

Interestingly, the combined service could also take on a new name. The best executives at WarnerMedia would hate the name “HBO Max” because it looks more like a confusing offshoot of HBO than an assortment of WarnerMedia properties and films licensed from Studio Ghibli. A new name could help confused customers understand what the service offers, especially in the international arena.

If AT&T decides to combine HBO Max and Discovery +, the switch likely won’t happen for a year or two. JB Perrette suggests that the services will appear as a bundle before they are combined, possibly to gauge user interest or prepare clients for change.

Source: FierceVideo via Gizmodo

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