Harry Styles released his new song and nothing is ‘as it was’ on the internet

Harry Styles released his new single “As it was” yesterday and it’s safe to say that nothing is quite the same on the internet anymore. The iconic singer’s new album ‘Harry’s House’ is set to drop on May 20 and the Twitter meltdown has already begun with the pilot single. It also means that the era of Harry’s Fine Line – his last album – is now officially over. His fans have been raring to go since he joined One Direction and soon their As it Was memes and analysis took over social media. The song has an upbeat melody that goes along with rather soulful lyrics that feel intimate and personal. Harry has revealed in interviews to various publications that he tends to write from personal experience. As such, fans were overwhelmed by this tricky little glimpse into the singer’s mind.

Recently, Harry unwittingly made someone’s day even without one of his catchy songs. Spanish singer Rosalia told Jimmy Fallon that she changed her phone number often, unaware that her previous numbers would eventually be recycled. And at one point, when Rosalia changed her number, Styles was unaware of it. “So Harry Styles is texting you, thinking it’s you, but someone else has the phone number?” Fallon asked Rosalia. Confirming this, Rosalia revealed the hilarious conversation that happened between Styles and the new owner of Rosalia’s old cellphone number. screenshots of the text chat in the show.

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