Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves is set to launch on May 3 with a host of changes to weapons, vehicles and more

The launch of the second season of Halo Infinite is now less than a month away. Subtitled “Lone Wolves,” Season 2 will drop on May 3, and more details will be released closer to the launch date. The official 343 Industries Halo Waypoint blog has listed a long list of changes and additions coming to the game in the form of audio improvements, stability improvements, and tweaks to weapons and vehicles, as well as many others.

Some of the more interesting ones include an increase in the volume of the Grunt Birthday Party sound effect, and splash damage with the Chopper vehicle will also be increased accordingly. And Halo superfans will be delighted to hear that longtime multiplayer announcer Jeff Steitzer will be back to call out the medals players have earned. A new Arena map named Catalyst will be added on day one of Lone Wolves, with more new content to follow.

These are just a few of the notable tweaks and additions coming to Halo Infinite as the new season arrives, and they will be accompanied by a myriad of other game improvements. It will be exciting to see what 343 Industries reserves for Halo fans later in the season.

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