Halo Infinite players frustrated with the Rift: Stalled progression of the Tenrai event

Halo Infinite’s first event – Fracture: Tenrai – gives Spartans around the world the chance to earn free rewards like the samurai-inspired Yoroi Armor Core. Sadly, many have already run into issues with her closed progression and padded event pass.

The Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass is free to all players and contains 30 tiers of rewards. Unlike the premium Halo Infinite Battle Pass which requires XP to level up, players can only progress through the event pass by completing specific event challenges. While there is nothing inherently wrong with it, some of the other factors around it cause frustration for some players.

Halo Infinite Fracture: Images from the Tenrai event

On the one hand, the event pass cannot be completed during this first week which ends on Monday November 30, according to Noah Benesch, Marketing Manager at Halo. Instead, Fracture: Tenrai will return five more times during this first season to give players “plenty of opportunities to complete all 30 reward levels.” This is great for those who don’t have the time to devote a ton of time in a week to an event pass, or who may not even be available to play in a given week.

One of the biggest issues players have, however, is that the event pass appears to be stuffed with challenge swaps and XP grants. So much so that only 10 of the 30 reward levels are actual themed rewards.

“So there are 30 levels, 10 of them being XP bonuses and 6 of them being challenge swaps,” PN4R wrote on Reddit. “Of the remaining 14 levels that include” real “content, 4 of them are a single emblem that you need to unlock 4 times to be able to use it anywhere.

“On the remaining 10, you unlock 3 color palettes that lock that specific armor [sp]. Out of the remaining 7, you get a stupid callsign background that most people will forget. So, out of the 30 levels in this event, you only get 6 pieces of armor, 2 of which are the same shoulder pad that you need to unlock 2 times for both shoulders. Meanwhile, 343 is selling a set of armor for $ 25 in the shop which looks pretty cool. “

That armor set they talked about is the Chonmage armor set, which is part of a set that can be purchased with 2,000 in-game credits. As of this writing, it costs $ 17.99. US. The store also currently includes the Sentinel’s Blades Pack which includes a legendary utility that can only be equipped on Samurai Armor. Additionally, you cannot pay for levels in the event pass, and you do not unlock the Yoroi Armor Core until level 5.

What makes these issues worse is the fact that the event challenges get mixed up with standard challenges, so there may be times when you need to complete various standard challenges to even get another one.

Speaking of the event, it also comes with its own special mode – Fiesta – which is new to Halo Infinite but not to the franchise. In this mode, the Spartans spawn with two random weapons and gear, adding a bit of variety to the standard modes.

It’s important to keep things in perspective, as Halo Infinite is a free game and this event pass doesn’t cost you anything extra to participate. Of course, there are some locked items in the store that would be wonderful to be able to earn by simply playing through the event, but this isn’t the first game to do that. Although this is new for Halo, and it’s a big change from previous entries which were full and paid packages.

To help ease player woes, 343 Industries Community Director Brian Jarrard has already responded to the outcry from frustrated fans, saying they “are being heard loud and clear.”

“I have traveled so slowly to respond – but know that constructive comments are heard loud and clear,” Jarrard wrote. “Changes will take time and our priority this week is to give the team a well-deserved break from the holidays after a long final stretch. Thank you for your understanding.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer wasn’t even due out until December 8, alongside its campaign. The 343 team surprised fans during Xbox and Halo’s 20th anniversary celebration by announcing that it would be available sooner.

It’s the start of Halo’s future, and there will be bumps in the road. Fortunately, 343 is committed to making this game worthy of a Master Chief, and they want your constructive feedback to help them do so.

He’s already proven he’s ready to adapt, as he recently made changes to the Halo Infinite Battle Pass and promised more changes would be on the way.

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