Gravitational VR game mixes puzzles with real accessibility challenges

Gravitational is a brand new VR game from Electric Monkeys Studio that mixes gravity-based puzzles with real accessibility challenges.

Electric Monkeys’ all-new VR game Gravitational mixes gravity-based puzzles with real accessibility challenges. Electric Monkeys Studio is the gaming division of Studica Solution, a company focused on interactive educational experiences. The studio has developed several educational games suitable for children, from Ace of the Magi, a third person adventure game set in a fantasy world, for HitTheZombies, a free mobile game. And Gravitational is not the studio’s first foray into the world of Zero-G, having developed the 2D platform game Gravity hero, which incorporated gravitational adventures. Gravitational, however, introduces additional challenges in a Zero-G world that aims to give representation to the community with differing abilities.

What seems to do Gravitational a unique VR experience is the inclusion of a protagonist in a wheelchair, introducing additional accessibility challenges often not represented in the gaming industry. Games like Life is strange and Sly Cooper feature such characters, but there is constant pressure for more. Last year, Bethesda added wheelchairs to Fallout 76 after a wheelchair fan asks the developer to add his help in the game. Electric Monkeys is looking to take giant leaps in performance with different abilities.

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Electric Monkeys indie VR game Gravitational is a puzzle game that adds real accessibility challenges to its Zero-G gameplay. Available on Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index via Steam and Viveport on November 11 Gravitational introduces Sebastian, a protagonist in a wheelchair who must navigate gravity-based puzzles after “experimental reactor using cutting-edge gravity-based technology goes haywire. “The game will also be available on PlayStation VR through PlayStation Store.

GravitationalThe focus on the brilliant scientist and protagonist with varying abilities, Sebastian, allows players to experience the accessibility challenges of a person in a wheelchair. Gaming is seen as an immersive VR experience that pushes for inclusiveness and representation on a scale rarely seen in video games. Gravitational combines gravity-based challenges with the inaccessibility faced by wheelchair users, highlighting the barriers people with disabilities face. The game attempts to share Sebastian’s experience as he navigates a world not designed for him, bringing a unique perspective to VR gameplay.

VR games often require users to mimic movement, from running and jumping to dodging balls, which by its nature can make it intimidating for many. There is currently huge pressure for developers to add inclusive accessibility features to games, but it can be exceptionally difficult for developers of VR titles. Gravitational seems to introduce a unique VR experience that allows gamers to see a new world from a different perspective. Overcoming challenges and solving puzzles through Sebastian’s lens is certainly interesting. It is now up to Electric Monkeys to execute the idea of ​​providing the representative gameplay.

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Gravitational will be available on November 11 on Steam, Viveport and the PlayStation Store.

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