Grandma’s Funeral Rules Have Left the Internet in Tears

A hilarious grandmother has let TikTokers down after revealing her funeral ‘rules’ – brazenly saying there’s one person who wasn’t invited. Watch her TikTok video here:

Lillian Droniak is a 92-year-old grandmother from Shelton, Connecticut, who started making TikTok videos with her grandson in November 2019.

Since then, the sassy granny has amassed an incredible following of 3.8 million followers – all of whom think she’s nothing short of ‘iconic’.

In her latest clip, she laid out the “rules” for her funeral, joking in the caption, “It won’t happen anytime soon, but don’t forget it.”

In the video, she addressed the camera as she showed viewers a list of lines written behind her.

Credit: TikTok/@grandma_droniak
Credit: TikTok/@grandma_droniak

“These are my rules at my funeral,” she began, before continuing to explain the list of three commandments mourners must obey.

“Listen: you can cry, but don’t cry too much – don’t kid yourself.

“Bertha is NOT invited. Don’t let her in.

“And after that you’d better get drunk. Strike for me!”

The post has proved to be a huge hit online, with 12 million views and two million likes.

Many of the comments included crying with laughter emojis, showing how hilarious Droniak’s followers found her outright lines.

Credit: TikTok/@grandma_droniak
Credit: TikTok/@grandma_droniak

“I’m p**sing,” one person wrote.

“Take a picture for me,” another quoted, adding a few smiling emojis.

When someone asked if she could be “drunk” at the funeral, Droniak simply replied, “Of course.”

But many others begged to find out the dirt on the mysterious Bertha, commenting: “WE NEED STORY TIME ON BERTHA PLEASE!!! WHO IS SHE AND WHY WAS SHE NOT INVITED!?”

Someone else said: “When Bertha shows up. There will be two funerals.”

A third added: “I’d like to hear Bertha’s side of the story.”

After a number of people asked for a post about the beef with Bertha, Droniak promised to share that story “soon.”

In another recent video, Droniak shared another list of her “green flags 4 guys,” including “flossing every day,” “has a dog or cat,” “buys me drinks,” “says I’m pretty every morning.” and ‘shut up when I say so’.

According to Newsweek, Droniak and her grandson first started making videos together on YouTube about a decade ago, and originally created the TikTok account as a joke to put in one of the YouTube posts.

However, the account took off quickly and put Droniak in the TikTok spotlight, and the rest – as they say – is history.


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