Google’s Nest Hubs will soon start showing air quality metrics

A Google Nest hub

Photo: Andrew Liszewski

With forest fires continue to rage all summer long, Google is adding support for a new Air Quality Index badge to its Nest Hub line of smart displays to help you better monitor smoke and other pollutants.

While Google’s new AQI badges will only be available on devices in “certain markets”, in a recent announcement, Google says it is hoping the new badges will help people stay more informed about local air quality.

The new AQI badges on Google’s Nest Hubs will appear on the Ambient tab of the device and can be seen alongside the clock and weather widgets so you can get more information about your local environment at a glance. eye.

In addition to the new AQI badge, Google is also adding a few other new air quality-related features to its Nest Hubs, including a new “Hey Google, what’s the air quality near me?” Voice command. and alerts for times when local air quality drops to unhealthy levels or potentially poses a risk to sensitive groups.

The display of information in Google’s AQI badges is based on the US EPA Air Quality Index, which represents pollution on a scale of 0 to 500, with numbers from 0 to 50 considered good and labeled in green, while anything above 301 will be displayed in brown and is considered hazardous.

Basics of the IQA

However, the AQI values ​​that will have the most impact on people on a daily basis are between 101 and 150, in which case the EPA says pollution could affect people belonging to sensitive groups, and values ​​of 151-200, which is classified as unhealthy and could cause some members of the general public to experience negative health effects, with people in sensitive groups potentially facing even greater risks.

While there isn’t a specific timeline for when the new AQI badges will be available on your device (assuming you’re in a supported market), Google says the new air quality features Nest Hubs will begin to roll out over the “coming weeks.”

And if for some reason you don’t want to see AQI or related notifications, users will be able to opt out. at any time.

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