Google’s April patch is now available for Pixel phones

Including some Pixel 6 specific fixes


It’s the first Monday of the month, and if you’re a Pixel owner, you know exactly what that means. The April security patch for Google’s line of phones is here, and while it’s not as exciting as a full-fledged Feature Drop, there’s a hint of good news for fans. This month’s update includes the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, marking only the second in-time fix since last year’s launch.

Besides the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, this month’s update is also available for the Pixel 3a series and newer devices. It includes a number of changes, including fixes specific to the Pixel 6. Google’s latest phones should handle wireless charging better with “certain accessories”, but it’s unclear if this is specifically for the Pixel Stand. . Two camera fixes should improve how the front camera works with specific apps, as well as a green screen bug appearing in camera previews.


Otherwise, the rest of this month’s patch falls under “user interface”, covering all currently supported models. PiP crashes, live wallpaper errors, and broken app drawer animations are just a few of the fixes included for April. While it’s not as big as last month’s massive update, you can find the full list of fixes below.

Battery and Power

  • Additional improvements for wireless charging performance with select accessories*[2].


  • Fixed an issue causing the front camera preview to be displayed enlarged in some apps*[2].

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a green screen to appear in the camera preview*[2].

User interface

  • Fixed a crash in System UI when using apps in Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode under certain conditions*[1].

  • Fixed an issue causing an error message to be displayed when setting certain live wallpapers*[1].

  • Fixed an issue that caused the notification shade and quick settings to appear invisible after changing the wallpaper under certain conditions*[1].

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the animation to display incorrectly when canceling an app drawer search*[1].

  • Fixed an issue sometimes preventing navigation in the overview screen when TalkBack is active*[1].

  • Fixed an issue where the Recents button would sometimes not show the overview when using 3-button navigation with 3rd party launchers*[1].

Obviously, we wouldn’t blame any Pixel 6 owner for holding up the installation of this patch. The February update – hailed as the first time the phone received the software on time – delivered users a nasty Wi-Fi bug that lingered for nearly a month and a half before Google finally fixed it .

As always, you can grab the factory images or OTA files for manual installation from the Google website. Otherwise, hold on tight – it should be rolling out to supported phones soon. Hopefully, this patch spells the end of Google’s troublesome patches for its latest flagships.


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