Google Pixel 6a leaks: updated design, outdated camera

A photo of the two Pixel 6 devices

The Pixel 6a will likely look like this from the back but will contain different hardware.
Photo: Sam Rutherford / Gizmodo

The fall product launch the assault maybe slowed down, but now we look to next year. A new Pixel 6 could join the lineup, according to 9to5Google. A leak Pixel 6a spec sheet reveals the mid-range phone capabilities, aand although it looks like The Pixel 6a will look like its more expensive siblings and run on Google’s custom Tensor ship, it might contain the outdated camera hardware from the Pixel 3.

Earlier this week, leak Pixel 6a renderings show that the next phone actions a design similar to the rest of the range. The 6a appears rectangular and includes the sharp corners of the Pixel 6’s signature. There’s also the black camera bar on the back, which houses some lenses and flash.

However, the camera hardware inside isn’t the newest and the best. The Pixel 6a could use a Sony IMX363 sensor, the same one used in the Pixel 3 and in every version up to the Pixel 5a. This means that the 6a will not offer the same camera performance as the Pixel 6, as the latter has a image sensor that allows it to capture so much light.

But Google has shown that it can do wonders with camera software, and the fact that the Pixel 6a can have the Tensor chip inside bodes well for its capabilities. The Tensor processing unit, or TPU, drives all the machine learning intelligence of Pixel phones. Although the performance of the camera is not quite the same as the high-end Pixel 6 Pro, for example, it could be almost as capable—in the same way as the previous Pixels of the series A managed to impress their average prices.

Google could also use the Pixel 6a to push its language processing capabilities onto the device, which are made possible with this TPU chip. And I imagine there might be a mention of all that Google Photos can do with this hardware assistant, As Magic eraser, which technically works on other Pixel devices if you load a particular APK for Google Photos, but relies on the TPU chip to do its replacement processing.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the Pixel 6a, including Google’s chip is that the company could offer Extended support for software updates, even longer than the three years provided to previous devices. Google promised this Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will have software update support for up to five years, made possible by this smart house. Imagine paying just $ 400 for a phone, which is the historic cost of Series A at launch, for a smartphone that lasts you five years.

That’s all to say: Eeven if these spec rumors are not set in stone, it looks like most of google an affordable smartphone can become a significant upgrade, although the camera is not as good as we hope.

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