Google Meet now supports up to 25 co-hosts (for whatever reason)

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Google meet constantly receives updates and new features. Today is no exception, because Google has announcement that all Meet users can have up to 25 co-hosts in a meeting. While this is a cool feature, it’s hard to imagine why you would need 25 people to co-host a call.

New Google Meet co-hosting limits

Previously, this feature was only available to Google Education customers, but the company has decided to roll it out to all Google Meet users.

Google Meet co-organizers

Co-Hosts can perform many of the same functions as the Host – they can mute attendees, run polls, or manage Q&A. Basically, all of the controls offered to the host are available to the co-hosts. This can help alleviate some of the load on the host by allowing them to focus on their presentation and not on those other tasks.

While that sounds cool, we find it hard to imagine a situation where you would need 25 different people to create polls and deactivate respondents. Nonetheless, if a meeting is large enough and unruly enough, this could be a useful option.

Other new features of Google Meet

Google also announced that it is implementing new security features that will allow the host to limit the number of people who can share their screen, send chat messages, disable all users, and end meetings. This will allow more control over a conference, which could be especially useful for larger ones where things can get quite hectic.

Google is also adding a “Quick Access” setting to control who should request permission to join a meeting and who can participate. However, this feature is not available for individual Google Workspace customers or users with a personal Google Account.

This is a solid set of updates from Google, and it should certainly help in the battle for virtual meeting supremacy against services like Zoom.

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