Google Fi cuts plan price and adds more high-speed data

Google Fi makes it more affordable. In an email to Engadget, he shared the monthly cost of his Simply Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans up to $10 and $5 respectively, with the former starting at $50 per month for one line and the latter starting at $65. every 30 days. .

Plus, both plans now come with extra high-speed data. With a Simply Unlimited plan, you can use up to 35GB of data, up from 22GB before Google started throttling your connection. As an Unlimited Plus customer, the broadband cap is now 50GB. Simply Unlimited subscribers can also expect to have up to 5GB per month for tethering per hotspot. This is a feature that was previously limited to the more expensive Plus plan.

Finally, all Fi customers, including those on the MVNO’s flexible plan, can expect free calls to Canada and Mexico. Previously, it was only possible to make calls to Canada and Mexico – while staying in the United States – for free.

With the price cut and feature tweaks, Google’s Simply Unlimited plan compares favorably to other carriers’ entry-level unlimited plans. For example, T-Mobile starts at $60 a month for one line and comes with 50GB of high-speed data and unlimited 3G data when connecting devices to your phone, but you’re limited to 480p when distribution of videos.

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