Glo set to improve internet connectivity in remote communities

Globacom says it plans to improve internet connectivity in remote communities in the north, the Middle-Belt, southern offshore locations and farms.

The company said this when it announced that it had signed a deal with Eutelsat of France.

In a statement, Glo said the deal would provide unlimited benefits to communities that do not have access to the internet.

The company added that the deal kicked off a project that would allow it to provide VSAT/satellite-based Internet services and satellite-based community WiFi Internet services in rural and remote areas of the country where Internet services are currently a challenge.

Glo said: “This is also in line with the federal government’s desire to extend broadband coverage beyond urban and densely populated areas. Millions of Nigerians will therefore have access to communicate and do business with Globacom’s communal internet access in these rural areas.

The company added that Internet access would come at competitive rates.

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