‘Girls’: Series ends with aespa killing Black Mamba in music video, fans ask ‘now what?’

Monster rookies aespa had everyone excited for their next album release ‘Girls’ as we got exciting concept images where they turn into video game characters. According to an investment pitch of SM Entertainment, they are also planning an offline concert for aespa after the release of ‘Girls’. aespa even made history by becoming the first and only K-pop girl group to cross 1.6 million pre-orders for an album. Having debuted with a unique storyline full of AI avatars, fighting the villain Black Mamba and meshing virtual reality and the real world, the storyline was also much anticipated.

aespa had already hinted that ‘Girls’ would be the end of something and now we realize that it is the last release of their Black Mamba series. They had first dropped a mini-animated film where they turn into cartoon characters and face the Black Mamba who fights them by manifesting their own fears. Well, the ‘Girls’ music video released on July 8 is a full-fledged battle between aespa and the Black Mamba, the antagonist that aims to destroy virtual reality. The song equally is a powerful dance number with heavy bass and full of synths that compliment aespa’s vocals and rap.

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‘Girls’ defeats the Black Mamba

The choice of a cinematic music video for ‘Girls’ is pretty apt as it brings the end of aespa’s first series that began with their debut release ‘Black Mamba’. Continuing with their previous releases, aespa fights the Black Mamba and finally kills it. ‘Girls’ then gives us a glimpse of their next series as the group enters a new world along with their AI guide Naevis. And it won’t be an aespa music video without some symbolism as the Black Mamba stands for the girls’ haters and cyber bullies. By defeating it, aespa announce that they no longer are affected by what the Internet has to say about them.

Watch the music video for ‘Girls’ below.



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‘Main character things’

Fans loved the music video and made tweets like, “So winter is the one who slashed the heart and killed black mamba, main character things.” Another joked, “Karina distracting black mamba with her bangs.” One fan posted, “Ed hacker ningning is so hot.” Another commented, “Giselle be looking like a daughter of a japanese mafia boss.” One fan asked, “aespa killed black mamba now what.”



Another theorized, “Judging from aespa whole discography “girls” is very different. the vibes, styling, choreography, like everything about it is so new to hear. as if their possessed black mamba side was opened and they all channeling that dark side of them in one song & that’s how girls was made.” One pointed out, “Not black mamba watching aespa doing a runway.” Another broke down the series, “BLACK MAMBA – Black mamba infection NEXT LEVEL – Black Mamba’s search and beginning of SYNK OUT Savage – Battle against black mamba Girls- black mamba’s defeat THE SAGA IS COMPLETE.”






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