‘Giant Toddler’: Elephant who brutally rolls over the edge wins the internet

Screengrab of the video shared by outlying_Twitter

Screengrab from the video shared by @outer areas_/Twitter


  • Elephants are a highly intelligent species known to effectively carry entire ecosystems on their shoulders.
  • But there’s a heartwarmingly fun side to their behavior, as young elephants playfully go about their business.
  • This can be anything from sliding down a hill to rolling down a steep ridge.

Elephants are a highly intelligent species and give back to nature in a way that no other animal can imitate. From sowing several miles in the forest on their long walks every day to creating waterholes in the middle of nowhere, you can count on these mighty majestic beasts effectively carrying ecosystems on their shoulders.

However, there is also a seemingly unlikely fun side to their behavior, which is often seen in young people. Younger pachyderms are known to playfully maneuver across terrain, which can mean anything from sliding down a hill to rolling down a precipice.

A video in which a young elephant throws caution to the wind is viral on the Web.

In the video, you can see older members of the herd taking their time safely descending a steep slope. What follows is worth lingering.

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Watch the video:

The viral video is about to blow past 2 lakh views since it was posted by @outer areas_ and has amused Twitter.

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Here are some hilarious reactions:

Another popular video that had previously gone viral shows an elephant sliding down a hill on its stomach.

Regardless of their technique, elephants are truly admirable and quite a few characters.


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