Garmin In-Reach Phones Offer More Protection For Backcountry Enthusiasts – NewsRadio 560 KPQ

There’s a new phone for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts that helps keep people safe. The Garmin In Reach phone is a mobile device designed to save lives.

Shawn Ballard, co-owner and general manager of Ballard Ambulance, says the Garmin-In-Reach phone enables off-grid contact with family, friends and first responders. “Mountain rescue groups encourage people to carry these phones, especially if you’re in areas that don’t have phone coverage.” said Ballard. “It not only gives your location but if you get in trouble it gives you the option to contact the emergency services, it has a panic button on it if you get hurt.”

The Garmin In-Reach phone features two-way messaging, interactive SOS alerts and location sharing for first responders.

Ballard says the phone can locate lost or injured hikers in rural areas. “What this allows people to do is not only press the panic button, but also communicate and say ‘Hey, I just got stuck in the weather, I’m going to be three days late. ‘ or ‘I’m seriously injured and I need help.'”

The Garmin-In Reach phone provides added protection for outdoor enthusiasts and peace of mind for friends and family.



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