GameStop PS5 Restock Store Locations Confirmed for January 27

PS5 hunters should check out this new GameStop restock hitting stores on January 27.

If you’re still looking for a current-gen console, you’re not alone. Although it’s well over a year into the PS5’s lifespan, Sony’s console is still in short supply.

However, things have been moving for a few weeks. It looks like there are currently more PS5 restocks than ever in the wild, and demand is at an all-time low.

PS5 restocking at GameStop store


It seems many gamers who want their PS5 are finally getting their hands on it. And for everyone else, GameStop has been removing PS5 in-store restocks for weeks.

If you miss the next delivery, here are all the other PS5 restocks we plan to release this week!

GameStop in-store PS5 restock locations – January 27

If you want to participate in GameStop’s in-store PS5 restock on January 27, here are all the details you need to know.

Once again, GameStop is offering PS5 bundles in store, exclusively for PowerUp Rewards Pro members. Those who pay for the company’s monthly subscription can walk into their local store and purchase a console, but only if they’re okay with a small additional cost.

After all, GameStop’s January 27 PS5 bundle is a bit too expensive for some – with reports that it’s going to cost $747!

Lately gamers have been putting their foot down and not paying for GameStop’s expensive plans. As such, the recent Xbox Series X restock was cheaper than usual, thanks to consumers not being willing to shell out.

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PS5 bundles restock in store on January 27


Past GameStop PS5 restocks have drawn huge queues, but we don’t expect this drop to be too busy.

To see if your local store is participating, here’s a link to all of the GameStops participating in the drop.

Meanwhile, PS5 and Xbox Series X prices drop as resellers struggle to sell consoles!

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