Fully test your USB-C charger with the MakerHawk Type-C meter

I recently showed a handy USB-C cable with a built-in power meter. This cable is useful for quickly diagnosing if a charger or device is not functioning properly. But the information it provides is quite simple.

For those who need more information, they need a more versatile USB-C power meter.

Enter the MakerHawk Type-C tester.

I’ve owned a number of USB testers over the years and recently added this to my toolbox as it fits modern high power chargers.

MakerHawk Type-C Tester


  • Voltage: 4-30V
  • Current: 0-5A
  • Capacity Range: 0-999999mAh
  • Energy Range: 0-999999mAh
  • Timer: 0-99 hours
  • Power: 0-150W
  • Charging resistance: 0-999.9 Ohm
  • Indoor temperature: 0-80ÂșC
  • Data voltage: 0-10V

I like that the power range of this meter goes up to 150W as this easily covers modern 100W USB-C chargers. (Several of my older USB-C meters didn’t do this.)

A 150W ceiling also means this meter can work with Apple’s new 140W USB-C MagSafe chargers for the M1 MacBook Pro laptops).

I really like this meter because it is small and there is only one button. It’s simple to use – compared to some meters that are unnecessarily complicated.

I also like the bright, colorful LCD screen that shows me everything I need to see without having to scroll through endless screens. Some people may find the text on the small side, so it might be worth keeping that in mind.

I’ve tested the accuracy of the meter and the error range seems to be well below 5%, which – to me – is perfectly acceptable.

And finally, let’s talk about the price. You get all this for $17.

For that price you can’t go wrong.

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