Formerly focused on mortgage banking, Blend is now tackling the broader fintech market – TechCrunch

Since it was Founded in 2012, Blend has signed some of the nation’s largest banks, including Wells Fargo and US Bank, as well as a host of smaller, more traditional financial institutions across the United States.

Now he’s setting his sights on the startup and fintech market, hoping to fuel the lending and banking services of some smaller, but fast-growing digital lenders.

Blend, which went public just a few months ago, has started selling software designed to simplify and digitize the mortgage lending process for borrowers and lenders.

But over time, the company has expanded its product line in two important ways: First, it has gone further down the broader journey of homeownership, providing candidates with ways to find a homeownership. home insurance, title insurance and even being matched with a real estate agent as part of their mortgage application flow.

The second big expansion comes from a new line of services that goes beyond mortgages by offering deposit accounts, credit cards and support for other loan products such as personal loans, mortgage loans. home equity and auto loans. In doing so, the company seeks to provide a unique platform for its customers, according to Blend founder Nima Ghamsari.

“Much of the DNA of how these products work is the same, but generally in these institutions, these product lines have completely disparate and siled organizational structures, as well as stacks of technology,” Ghamsari said. “What we’ve done over the past four years is take our platform and make it one place for a consumer to work with a financial institution for all of these products. So you can go in and get four or five products on Blend now that you previously couldn’t get in one system.

By reusing many of the same components needed to create mortgages, including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks, as well as the identity, income and employment, the Blend consumer banking suite can accelerate integration. and the application process for banking products, credit cards and loans. It has also deployed a “Blend Builder” tool that allows customers to customize the components they want to use with a drag and drop interface.

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