Ford sells Mach-E crate engines to promote custom EV conversions like this F-100 concept

Ford Motor Company took its commitment to electrification a step further by offering its Eluminator electric crate motor to the public to create their own custom electric vehicles. The 281 horsepower Eluminator engine is featured in the Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition and can now be installed in other vehicles, such as an electrified 1978 Ford F-100 pickup.

Ford Motor Company is a historic automaker that has reigned as a leading name in automobile manufacturing since the early 1900s. While it remains a major global player in the market, it has seen its share decline in recent years. especially as the adoption of EVs grows.

To combat this era of the future of transportation, Ford has wisely decided to pivot its sales and manufacturing strategy away from its ICE sedans and focus on electric vehicles. The company is still very much rooted in the world of ICE trucks, as its F-series has remained the best-selling line of pickup trucks for almost 45 years now.

Ford is using its truck sales to support its development of electric vehicles and its commitment that 50% of its sales will be electric vehicles by 2030. It is also in pre-production of an all-electric F-150 Lightning , which has just exceeded 160,000 reservations.

The Lightning pickup will certainly spark accelerated adoption of EVs among consumers new to EVs, but what about those more nostalgic gear heads that make modern EVs look like, especially trucks, lack a certain classic look?

With Ford’s latest announcement of its electric crate motor, people can now turn any valuable gasoline vehicle into an EV.

Ford Introduces Electric Crate Motor in F-100 EV Concept

In a recent press release, Ford unveiled a unique concept vehicle that consists of a 1978 F-100 pickup electrified using Ford Performance’s Eluminator electric box motors. It’s the same engine in Ford’s 2021 Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition.

The $ 3,900 electric motor is now available to the public, should electric vehicle enthusiasts with the proper conversion knowledge wish to create their own custom vehicle. However, you will still need to acquire an inverter, battery, and control system.

Eric Cin, global director of vehicle customization, accessories and licensing at Ford, spoke about the F-100 Eluminator concept and what it stands for:

Ford owners have personalized, personalized and improved their vehicles from the start, from the change of look to the delivery of power. Our F-100 Eluminator Concept is a snapshot of how we help our customers go all-electric and embrace exhaust-free performance, even in our traditional vehicles.

The F-100 concept was developed by Ford Performance and features front and rear Eluminator box motors, combining 480 horsepower and 634 lb-ft of torque. While this electric vehicle remains a mere concept and won’t be available for sale, it is a testament to a not-so-distant future in which classic car enthusiasts can continue to tinker and personalize their journeys … all without those nasty emissions. .

Going forward, Ford Performance has shared plans to develop a broader list of components to support the Eluminator powertrain, including battery systems, controllers, and traction inverters. This will ultimately enable a holistic, turnkey set of spare parts for the electrical conversion.

Tired of waiting for an all-electric Ford Bronco? Make your own! However, consider avoiding the 1993 model… a slight stigma may still remain.

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