Fix Your Steam Deck’s Fan Noise with This iFixit Replacement – Review Geek

The iFixit replacement fan with a Steam Deck.
iFixit, Valve

After accidentally selling a handful of replacement Steam Deck parts, iFixit is back with enough goods for everyone. And its biggest seller, believe it or not, is a quiet replacement fan that Steam Deck owners are using to get rid of that awful, whiny noise.

The whole Steam Deck philosophy is pretty unprecedented. Valve actually encourages users to tinker with the software, and it even offers CAD files to those who want to make custom cases and accessories. More notably, though, is the fact that Valve partnered with iFixit to sell official parts.

Our friends at iFixit have already published tons of repair guides for the Steam Deck, including one for replacing the whiny fan that’s driving customers crazy. This guide is pretty simple, though it does require a bit of patience and confidence.

You can buy iFixit’s silent Steam Deck fan for just $25. But I suggest springing for the $30 replacement kit, which includes all the tools you’ll need for the job. These tools will come in handy the next time you decide to open up and tinker with the deck—I know you’re tempted to replace that SSD!

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