Fight for the Future urges Zoom to ditch emotional artificial intelligence

“This is do not in regards to the economy. It is for the moral Well“said Musk.

But that sentiment has critics — and those include Twitter employees. Musk first sparked concern when he revealed he had acquired a large stake in Twitter, and then again when he was about to join the company’s board. After turning down his seat on the board, it became clear that Musk had bigger ambitions for Twitter: deciding the company’s policies on free speech and content moderation.

“My strong, intuitive feeling is that having a broadly inclusive, maximum-trust public platform is extremely important to the future of civilization,” he said.

Here are some key takeaways from Musk’s TED talk.

“I think the code should be on GitHub”

Musk said Twitter should allow users to express themselves “freely within the bounds of the law” and called for the platform’s algorithm to be open source so the general public can suggest changes.

“I think the code should be on GitHub, so people can browse it and say, ‘I see a problem here. I don’t agree with that. And they can highlight problems, suggest changes,” Musk said.

Musk also commented on his use of the platform, which Anderson said even fans consider “somewhere between embarrassing and crazy” — but effective.

“It’s a stream of consciousness,” Musk said. “If I’m in the bathroom and find something funny? I’ll tweet it.”

Um… relatable?

‘There is’ a plan B if Twitter rejects Musk’s offer

Twitter plans to fight Musk’s bid to take the company private, The Information reported Thursday. When asked if he had a back-up plan in this event, Musk cryptically replied, “There is.”

Of course, there were no details on what that plan entailed, but Musk said he would reveal them “at another time.”

In his filing with the SEC this morning, the Tesla CEO said he would reconsider his role as a shareholder if Twitter did not accept his offer.

“I was forced to admit that I lied to save Tesla’s life”

Today was apparently a big day for Musk to clarify his drama with the SEC, sparked by a tweet that he got funding to take Tesla private (something you’re supposed to clarify with regulators, not Twitter followers) . After that tweet, Musk struck a deal with securities regulators to have his tweets pre-cleared, but Musk struggled to keep his word and the SEC found it downright impossible to get him to sign on to the deal.

Musk said that at the time of his deal with the SEC, Tesla was in a “precarious financial position.” The banks told him that if he didn’t come to terms with the commission, Tesla risked going bankrupt.

“I was forced to concede to the SEC illegally,” Musk said. “Those bastards. And now it looks like I lied when I didn’t. I was forced to admit I lied to save Tesla’s life.”

“We messed up almost every aspect of the Model 3 production line”

Between 2017 and 2019, Tesla struggled to produce Model 3 vehicles. By early 2019, Tesla had lost millions due to production issues and slowing demand for these vehicles. Musk said Tesla messed up nearly every element of Model 3 production, from the batteries to the paint shop to final assembly.

Musk said he was living at Tesla factories in Fremont and Nevada at that time. He sometimes slept on the floor of the factories so that the team “going through a difficult time could see me on the ground and know that I was not in an ivory tower”.

Anderson pointed out that Musk’s lifestyle at the time was concerning, but Musk said there was no other way out of Tesla’s crisis. “And we barely made it,” Musk said.

“I know more about manufacturing than anyone living on earth,” he added, in typical Musk fashion.


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