Fans crash into Kartik Aaryan in Europe as he gorges on his meal, internet says ‘let him at least eat’

After an exhaustive round of promotions for Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, Kartik Aaryan is enjoying a much-needed break in Europe. The actor has been posting a few photos from his trip and it seems like the break has come just at the right time.

A new video being circulated on social media has Kartik eating his food as a few fans ask for a photo. The fans are first in disbelief that they have spotted Kartik Aaryan, but as soon as the actor says “I am Kartik Aaryan. Aadhar card dun?” the fans are overjoyed and proceed to take photos with him as he finishes his meal.

The internet was divided on the video as a few said that Kartik should have gotten up while taking the photo. “Seems rude in it,” read one comment. “I think he should at least stand with him for the picture…. just my views…no offense,” read another comment. Another comment read, “Quite a rude behavior by Kartik, not expected this from him at least.”

But there were a host of other comments defending the actor. The fans mentioned that Kartik was having his meal and the fans should not have disturbed him. Some even pointed out that the fan did not even thank Kartik after taking the photo. “He was enjoying his meal sitting in a corner may be hoping he would not be noticed easily but here they go, all of them crashed into him. I mean have some basic etiquette, let him finish his food man,” read one comment.

“He’s a human being before an actor, he also might be tired and at least he didn’t deny them the picture he just didn’t stop eating and there’s nothing wrong in it,” wrote another fan. “Photo khichwane k baad thank u bhi nahi bola, is this a good manner?? And people are busy to say why Karthik not getting up,” read another comment. “Let him eat in peace,” wrote a fan.

Kartik Aarayan had a humungous success with Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2. He is now looking forward to the release of Shehzada, Captain India and Sameer Vidwans’ next.


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