[Exclusive] OPPO electric scooter price in India tipped, Tata Nano-like four-wheeler also expected

In addition, there is also a compact Tata Nano-esque four-wheeler in the works from OPPO. Since the Tata Nano was launched at the time at a starting price of around Rs 1 lakh, we can expect that the OPPO four-wheeler will also be aggressively priced albeit with some features and design. Since it is compared to Tata Nano, we can speculate that the design could be compact and fit only in limited numbers, unlike a typical hatchback or sedan. OPPO designs these vehicles mainly for urban commuting. We can probably expect more models in the future that will be premium and take on brands like Tata, MG, Ather, Ola and others.

OPPO EV Trademark

Apparently OPPO is in talks with battery manufacturers and parts suppliers. Interestingly, some of these companies supply parts to leading brands such as Telsa. Since this will be OPPO’s first-ever take on electric vehicles, the company would like to get things right. After Realme and OnePlus, OPPO also has an electric vehicle trademark in India. Interestingly, the trademark application was already filed in 2018, but is only now coming to light. Since there are almost 2-3 years from now before OPPO actually launches the EV, we hope to come across more details about them. Linger.

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