Even dive bars can’t escape the internet’s judgment: Here are Baton Rouge’s top picks | Food/Restaurants

If you stumble through Louisiana, you won’t find it hard to land in a dive bar.

No matter how sticky the floor and the bar get, there are spots that Baton Rouge residents love to go back to again and again.

We asked readers on social media for National Dive Bar Day what their favorite local dive bar is, and many expressed their love for their local haunts, including Brickyard South. Here is the full list of places that came to mind:

  • Phil Brady’s – 4848 Government Street
  • The Patio Lounge – 8743 Jefferson Hwy
  • Pastime – 252 South Blvd.
  • Jefferson Lounge – 4336 Floynell Drive
  • The Duvic’s Martini Bar -2854 Kalurah Street
  • Brickyard South – 174 South Blvd.

Is there a bar missing from this list? Let us know on social media what dive bar we should add.


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