Eve Weather is a handy device for tracking the local climate

Weather plays an important role in automating your home. Whether it’s knowing when to heat and cool your home or running the sprinklers at optimal temperatures, it will be helpful to be able to analyze the actual temperature in your home. In the last month I have used the new Eve Weather as another data point to understand my house weather.

HomeKit Weekly is a series focused on smart home accessories, automation tips and tricks, and everything related to Apple’s smart home framework.

If you’ve read my HomeKit Weekly columns over the past few years, you’ve noticed the tendency to focus on automations as the primary benefit of HomeKit. While I like that every device is in the same app, using automations between different manufacturers is why I recommend choosing a single smart home platform to build. I prefer HomeKit because of Apple’s commitment to privacy and the use of Siri over the HomePod mini that I have now placed throughout my house.

With the Eve Weather, you get a lot of data from a small device. You can track temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure inside a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Like all Eve devices, there is no Eve Cloud service that you need to sign up for. Apart from updating the firmware, you don’t even need to install the Eve app either.

Eve Weather Homekit

So what are the potential use cases for Eve Weather? Here are a few :

  • Turn on a special light if the temperature drops below freezing so you know the water is not flowing to prevent the pipes from freezing.
  • Automate the ignition of a switch connected to a dehumidifier if the outside humidity reaches a particular condition.
  • Monitor the morning temperature to know when to automatically trigger your sprinkler system using Eve Aqua via HomeKit Automations.
  • Ask Siri for the weather in your backyard via HomePod, Apple Watch, and more.

Even outside of HomeKit features, Eve Weather is a great device. I set it up right outside our front door to quickly check the temperature on the way out. It’s been a few degrees near what Apple Weather is, so that’s even more of a reason I like having it on hand. When it comes to freezing temperatures, 31 degrees in my home is different from 33 degrees in my area.

Eve Weather app

New 2021 features of Eve Weather

Eve Weather was once known as Eve Degree, and while it looks similar, there is one crucial difference inside. Eve Weather now supports Thread technology.

Threading support will be a staple of HomeKit and the HomePod Mini ecosystem for years to come. In addition, wire technology, alongside Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, will play a key role in Material technology (formerly known as IP connected home projects). Thread’s IP base means that devices from different manufacturers can connect to create a reliable network on which connected home devices can operate.

Thread and its low-power mesh network technology does not rely on a local hub, so there is no single point of failure for your network. If a device disconnects, packet data routes can be alternated to another device to access the Internet. Once a HomePod mini is added to the network, Thread-enabled accessories will automatically communicate with it and with each other. As you add more devices, your Thread network becomes uniform Following reliable. This connectivity happens automatically without users having to configure anything in advance. Threading support is one of the core features of the HomePod Mini compared to the original HomePod.

Network side, I have six HomePod minis with a Eero Pro 6 network that was recently updated to include Thread support via a software update. In addition, Eve was one of the first to adopt Wire technology in its product line, so that’s another reason I rely on Eve products as much as possible.


My only complaint about the Eve Weather is that it does not use a rechargeable battery. While the battery will easily last a few months, I would like to see it evolve in the direction of the Eve room and switch to a USB rechargeable battery. Other than that, it’s an almost perfect product. It looks awesome, it works great, and it’s an easy way to start tracking your local weather and compare it to what great weather apps report. If you are interested in tracking your weather, check out Eve Weather.

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