EU to offer common charger for all smartphones, ignores Apple protest

The European Union’s long-standing plan to harmonize chargers for smartphones and other devices is expected to be officially proposed and could become law.

Despite Apple’s arguments Against the need for a legally mandated common charger standard, the EU is drafting legislation on the issue. The EU continues to argue that a common standard would reduce e-waste, while Apple says the move to this new standard would create more e-waste.

According to Yahoo! Finance, a familiar source with plans the EU says legislation will be proposed in September. There are no further details, but the proposals will likely follow previous EU recommendations.

In 2019, these included suggestions on different ways to achieve a common charger. It is possible that a manufacturer is obliged to adopt a connector to make its charger compatible with others.

This has not happened, so the EU believes that if companies do not take the step themselves, they will have to be forced to do so.

Apple stopped shipping an AC adapter with iPhone in 2020. However, the problem for Apple is that it uses its own proprietary Lightning connector for iPhones, and the EU is more likely to recommend USB-C, or USB 2.0 micro-B, commonly used by companies. other suppliers.

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