Ethereum projects to bridge the bitgert chain to avoid higher gas costs

by Analytics Insight
Apr 2, 2022

The revolutionary Bitgert BRC20 chain has been a game-changer with its gasless and fastest blockchain.

Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrencies that has done very well in the market in recent days. While ETH was bullish, it was also one of the coins to plummet for most of 2022.

Aside from the declining market prices that have impacted most cryptocurrencies, the Ethereum chain has had some issues with the chain’s performance. The expensive gas fee and slow chain are the biggest Ethereum limitations.

Therefore, Ethereum projects are building bridges to the Bitgert chain to get around the high gas fee and slow speed. Here’s more about the Bitgert (BRISE) blockchain and how the bridge is revolutionizing the industry.


The Bitgert team has done a lot in developing this project, but the most phenomenal development was building and launching the Bitgert blockchain. The revolutionary Bitgert BRC20 chain has been a game-changer with its gasless and fastest blockchain.

But to ensure that all other network users reap the benefits of the BRC20 blockchain, the team built the Bitgert bridge that allows users from all other networks to migrate to the Brise chain. Most Ethereum projects are now building their bridges on the Bitgert chain to avoid the high gas fee.

Although the Ethereum team announced a cut in the gas fee, the gas is still considered very expensive compared to the Bitgert chain gas fee. Therefore, many blockchain projects are migrating to the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain, which is a friendlier chain for developers.


The other cryptocurrency that has been doing very well in recent days is Centcex. The project has been compared to the Bitgert project because of the faster delivery of the team. All of Centcex’s stated milestones were achieved on time, including the start of product development.

The Centcex team has already started developing the products and currently the construction of the cryptocurrency exchange is also nearing completion. The Centcex strike program will also be launched soon. There are also multiple dApps, user bases and many other crypto products that the Centcex team is developing.

That’s why the Centcex project is designed to provide one of the highest utilities in the industry. That is why the crypto community is buying this project.


Ethereum chain is about to lose so many of its products to Bitgert chain. The biggest complaint from the Ethereum users was the high gas fee, which costs them a lot of dollars to execute a transaction. That is why transactions on the Ethereum chain have not grown as fast as other chains like Bitgert.

The issue is also impacting the growth of Ethereum-based projects like Shiba Inu, which are dealing with declining transaction volumes. But with most Ethereum projects building bridges on the Bitgert blockchain, they will avoid the restriction of the Ethereum chain.

The Bitgert bridge will allow Ethereum projects to migrate to the Bitgert chain, where they will enjoy the lowest gas fee and faster chain. Some of these projects will rekindle their hype once they migrate to the Bitgert chain.

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