Ethereum NFT’s Gas Fee is 1000x More Expensive Than Bitgert

by Analytics Insight
Apr 10, 2022


Bitgert NFT marketplace has just been launched by Miidas, one of the top performing projects built on Startup Studio.

Ask any Ethereum NFT enthusiast about their experience and they will tell you about the expensive gas fee. In fact, the Ethereum blockchain has one of the most expensive gas rates ever, hitting a whopping $50 this year. But the expensive gas fee is a problem with many blockchains.

Fortunately, there are blockchain projects that address this problem, and Bitgert (BRISE) has been the most successful in this regard. The Bitgert blockchain gas fee is 1000x cheaper than Ethereum, making its NFTs quite popular with the crypto community. Read more below:


Bitgert NFT marketplace has just been launched by Miidas, one of the top performing projects built on Startup Studio. The crypto experts say that the Bitgert NFT marketplace will be the most competitive in the industry due to the zero gas fee mechanism that BRC20 blockchain offers.

The Bitgert blockchain charges the lowest gas fee in the industry, which is $0.00000000000001 for each transaction. Bitgert gas fee is actually the lowest gas cost gas ever in the history of the cryptocurrency. The cost of gas is 1000x lower than what the likes of the Ethereum NFTs cost. Therefore, Bitgert NFTs are expected to outperform the Ethereum NFTs.


Bitgert NFTs are the next big thing, but Centcex is arguably the second best crypto investment. The Centcex coin proves a powerful calculation based on the performance of the crypto coin in Q1 2022. For Q2, the Centcex price has also had a good performance. This is a project that is attracting the attention of investors, which is why Centcex’s performance over the past few weeks has been great. The Centcex coin has skyrocketed.

The attraction of the Centcex project is due to the vast ecosystem it is building. The Centcex team says it builds the largest number of crypto products on the market. This means tens and hundreds of products over the months and years. The high Centcex utility will grow the price quickly while rewarding staked tokens in a big way.


The Ethereum NFT gas fee today is about $37 for each trade. Compared to the Bitgert NFT gas fee of $0.00000000000001, there is no doubt that the Ethereum NFT gas fee is 1000x expensive. But this can be improved in the coming days. There are a number of developments that could help lower the Ethereum gas fee, although not as low as Bitgert. One is that the continuous upgrades have been the main development of this project.

The Ethereum upgrades are already in the second phase and the chain is improving. These upgrades are why the Ethereum gas fee has been reduced from $50 to its current $37. Note that the current phase includes PoS migration and the introduction of shard chains. Therefore, the Ethereum coin is expected to do well in the market this year.

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