Ethereum gas fees reduced in the last 30 days

by Analytics Insight
April 15, 2022


Ethereum upgrades attempt to battle competition from other chains like Bitgert.

Ethereum gas fees are falling, and in the past 30 days, the protocol has seen one of the biggest drops in its gas cost. The Ethereum team has been working on one of the industry’s ambitious upgrades, where the team is migrating the entire protocol from PoW protocol to PoS protocol.

Ethereum upgrades attempt to battle competition from other chains like Bitgert. Bitgert blockchain zero gas fees have made this chain thousands of times cheaper than Ethereum. Learn more about Bitgert and how Ethereum managed to reduce its gas fees:


The biggest topic in the crypto industry is Bitgert (BREISE) because of the revolutionary blockchain that this project has just launched. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has disrupted the market due to its impeccable features which make it superior to other cryptocurrencies.

The Bitgert blockchain is the fastest chain with 100,000 TPS, but the zero gas fee feature is the most attractive for many users, developers, and investors. The Bitgert blockchain has the lowest gas fees at $0.0000000000001 for each transaction. This is the lowest gas fee in the industry right now and it will be difficult for Ethereum to achieve.

The zero gas tax is the reason why the Bitgert channel receives many projects today. This includes several NFT market projects that are launched in the Bitgert chain.


Although Centcex is one of the BSC projects, it is a project worth considering today. Centcex is one of the cryptocurrencies that is doing very well today. You can check the stats on all major sites, such as Coinmarketcap shows Centcex as one of the top performers. There are a number of things that make Centcex popular with the crypto community.

But what has been exciting for many is the huge utility that the Centcex team is building. The Centcex website states that the team will work to develop one of the largest number of products in a crypto ecosystem. This includes hundreds of dApps, staking programs, and crypto exchanges.

With so many products, the Centcex team aims to reward investors with skyrocketing prices and massive staking revenue.


The last few weeks have been good for the Ethereum team. The Ethereum team has been working tirelessly on one of the most ambitious protocol upgrades, which includes an Ethereum protocol redesign upgrade. The upgrades, also known as the Serenity upgrade, aim to address the biggest limitations that the Ethereum chain runs, and one of them is expensive gas fees.

Ethereum has announced gas fee reductions over the past few weeks, with the last 30 days seeing one of the largest gas reductions. The reduction in gas fees is the result of the PoS and sharding upgrades that Ethereum is undertaking in the current second phase. With ongoing upgrades, Ethereum gas fees will continue to drop, but it will take time to reach Bitgert’s zero gas fees.

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