Ethereum Compatible Bitgert Has The World’s First Zero Cost Gas Fee Blockchain

by Analytics Insight
March 3, 2022

The expensive gas fee is still one of the biggest problems hindering the adoption of cryptocurrency today. Blockchains like Ethereum are still struggling with high gas, and that’s why developers are migrating to smart contracts and other affordable platforms. But the problem of costly blockchain gas fees will never be an issue again after Bitgert’s launch of the world’s first zero cost gas gee blockchain.

Bitgert has provided a permanent solution with its recently launched zero gas fee blockchain. Read more below about the world’s first gasless blockchain by Bitgert:


The Bitgert team has launched a game-changing blockchain called the BRISE BRC20 blockchain. The blockchain has put a stop to the expensive gas fee problem by introducing a chain that will cost zero to transact on. The cost of gas when transacting tokens on the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is $0.0000000000001. There is no other blockchain in the crypto industry that has such a low gas fee, equivalent to a near-zero figure. It is the world’s first zero cost gas fee blockchain, and the crypto community is excited about it.

Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has also overtaken Solana as the fastest blockchain. This means it is the fastest chain in the market today. With the lowest gas and the fastest chain, Bitgert is, without a doubt, the most powerful blockchain. Its compatibility with EVM enables projects on Ethereum to migrate to the Brise chain.

The Bitgert team is building more products on the Brise chain. The team is focusing on making Bitgert a real-life use case project, which will increase its adoption.


The Centcex project is one of the cryptocurrencies expected to perform super well as the team delivers the roadmap. So, the Centcex team is working on the second phase of the roadmap, Q1 2022. The roadmap includes a lot of development, including the start of building Centcex products. The Centcex cryptocurrency exchange is the product the team is working on right now.

The team is also working on the staking platform, which means the staking process might start very soon. There is a limitless number of products that the Centcex team is building. But the crypto investors are mostly joining to get a piece of the100% APY staking reward. Therefore, with more products coming on the Centcex network, the number of the token holder is projected to increase.


The Ethereum blockchain has managed to maintain the second position for a very long time now. It has the second largest marketcap after Bitcoin, and there is no other crypto project that has managed to overtake it. But Bitgert is a unique project and has everything to challenge most of the cryptocurrencies due to the massive adoption possibilities of the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain.

Bitgert blockchain is faster, and it has lower gas than the Ethereum chain. That’s why most of the new projects on blockchain will consider starting on the Bitgert chain. In addition to that, more projects will be migrating from Ethereum to Bitgert because the Brise chain is compatible with the Ethereum smart contracts. So Bitgert will be a tough Ethereum competitor.

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