Ethereum Compatible Bitgert Blockchain Is A Game Changer With Its Gas Cost At No Cost

Ethereum Compatible Bitgert Blockchain Is A Game Changer With Its Gas Cost At No Cost

by Analytics Insight
Apr 1, 2022


Bitgert blockchain emerges as one of the most preferred networks for investors in the market

Bitgert (BRISE) has disrupted the crypto industry with its revolutionary blockchain. The BRC20 blockchain is the first chain to offer a gas tariff at no cost. This is why it is currently one of the blockchains experiencing the highest adoption rate in the industry.

Bitgert blockchain is also compatible with Ethereum, a feature that makes it super attractive to crypto investors and developers alike. But there is more about this Bitgert chain that makes it a groundbreaking blockchain in the industry. Read more below:


Bitgert blockchain is currently the most talked-about chain in the industry due to its zero gas fee feature. The Bitgert BRC20 chain is the first chain to offer as low as $0.00000000000001 for the gas fee on every transaction. This is at a time when Ethereum gas had recently hit $50. The zero-digit gas fee means that users pay next to nothing to transact on the Bitgert chain.

One of the reasons the Bitgert blockchain would be a game-changer in the industry is to solve the big problem of the expensive gas fee. In addition, the Bitgert team has built a bridge through which other networks can enjoy the zero gas fee. But because it is an Ethereum-compatible chain, all Ethereum-based projects can easily migrate to the Bitgert chain.

Apart from the lowest gas fee, the Bitgert chain is also the fastest blockchain after the chain has reached 100k TPS. The Bitgert team will also bring more than 1000 products by the end of 2022. These are reasons why the crypto community says Bitgert is a groundbreaking blockchain.


While Bitgert is said to be the next big thing in the crypto industry, Centcex might also be another cryptocurrency to watch. There are a number of things that make Centcex attractive to the crypto community, and one of them is the massive ecosystem that the Centcex team is developing.

Centcex’s roadmap already indicates which products they build for the ecosystem. The Centcex exchange, which is expected to deliver more than a million transactions per second and has a no-KYC feature, is the first product. The team recently announced the advanced exchange development development.

The team also builds strike programs, dApps, and other tens and hundreds of blockchain-based products. Centcex could achieve almost the same growth as Bitgert.


Ethereum is expected to be one of the best performing of 2022 and still is. The chain has been doing well over the past few weeks during its recent bull run. However, the slow chain and expensive gas fee were the biggest constraints for the Ethereum chain. The advent of chains, such as Bitgert, which has a cheaper and faster chain, has made Ethereum less competitive.

The main Bitgert feature that could weaken Ethereum is its EVM compatibility. All Ethereum bases projects can migrate to the Bitgert chain to enjoy the lowest gas fee and fastest blockchain in the industry. However, Ethereum upgrades are expected to make the chain more competitive, but may not meet the Bitgert zero gas fee.

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