Ericsson versus Apple blows up; Samsung sued by ex-head of IP; AZN Monetization Masterclass; Krall leaves Apple; the patentability contrasts of the EPO and UKIPO AI; And much more

Everything we’ve covered about IAM over the past seven days – and everything you need to know about the global IP market to prepare for the start of another busy week

The long read

Creators and buyers of NFTs have to deal with many intellectual property issues. Sullivan & Cromwell’s Nader Mousavi, Mehdi Ansari, Jay Thornton, and Jonathan Hofman explore the legal and regulatory challenges of working inside the metaverse. Learn more here

MONDAY January 17

A “bear trap” in China, lingering validity issues in the United States, and big M&A opportunities around established brands and intellectual property are among the trends to watch in 2022, according to leading practitioners. Learn more here

While the proposed DOJ/NIST/USPTO SEP licensing framework is good for performers, it may not be enough to persuade them to pursue FRAND-related cases in the United States. Learn more here

The Central District of California is the fourth busiest patent court in the United States. Here are 10 key insights into how it works that emerged from an in-depth analysis of IAM in Docket Navigator data. Learn more here

TUESDAY 18 January

Ericsson filed patent infringement lawsuits against Apple in the Western District of Texas after the two companies’ licensing agreement expired in 2015. Read more here

There are significant differences between the European and UK patent offices when assessing the patentability of AI inventions. Learn more here

Thanks to Moderna’s pledge not to enforce its covid-related patents, the WHO’s African vaccine hub is enjoying remarkable success in its efforts to replicate the company’s mRNA-1273 vaccine. Learn more here

WEDNESDAY January 19

The Japanese government is considering measures to pay companies in the country to keep sensitive patents secret under new economic security legislation. Learn more here

The USPTO continued to feel the impact of the covid-19 pandemic in its fiscal year 2021 with fewer patent applications and slower processing times. However, its financial situation seems solid. Learn more here

Broadening your understanding of what a winning IP strategy looks like and keeping track of the big picture are key to coming out on top. Learn more here

THURSDAY January 20

Leading Taiwan-based tech companies have revealed new patent monetization efforts in recent months, suggesting they are exploring ways to increase returns on intellectual property investments. Learn more here

The United States Supreme Court has refused to consider Mylan and Apple’s challenges to the USPTO NHK-Fintiv policy on discretionary denials in PTAB cases. Learn more here

An ITC case filed yesterday by Apple makes it clear that it wants its patent licensing litigation with Ericsson to focus on the US court system, rather than where injunctions are a problem. Learn more here

FRIDAY January 21

Samsung Electronics faces an unlikely adversary in ongoing US patent litigation – its own former head of intellectual property. Learn more here

By outsourcing non-essential innovations, AstraZeneca has become an example of effective patent monetization in the age of pharmaceutical specialization. Learn more here

Noreen Krall, who served as Apple’s chief legal counsel for more than a decade and helped build its reputation as a fierce opponent in court, has left the company. Learn more here

SATURDAY 22 January

A mooted reset of the Biden administration’s China initiative could present policymakers with an opportunity to channel their concern for U.S. intellectual property competitiveness in a more productive direction. Learn more here

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